Savonius Model Wind Turbine

Among the Vertical Axis Wind Turbines, Savonius wind turbine is probably the easiest to build and understand. We have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of Savonius wing turbines previously. How about building one yourself and check it for yourself.Model Savonius Wind Turbine (Fully Functional)

This model Savonius Wind Turbine kit by PicoTurbine, is a very interesting product. It comes in such a way where you can check every aspect of generating electricity with wind power. It contains the obvious like the “S” shaped foils to catch the power of wind and use it to turn the turbine. It contains magnets and coils required to convert this rotation into electrical energy. In addition, this kit contains rectifier to rectify the alternative current produced (AC Current) to Direct Current or DC current. Basically, with this handy kit you will learn almost all the things you will learn by installing large, industrial scale Savonius turbine. It produces a decent amount of electricity for its size too (3.0V/50mA at 12 mph of wind)

If you are looking for a gift, this kit will be a good choice. It teaches very important stuff while being very enjoyable, without an age limit. Check It Out Here

2 Responses to “Savonius Model Wind Turbine”

  1. Looks a nice little machine. The kit looks excellent for schools, etc. as it seesm to show how the rotar and generator work. I am a big fan of HAWT machines as they are simpler for home construction and can be mounted and ground level.

    I have a few plans on my website of similar uits that your readers might find interesting.

    (also typo in second line – wing?)

  2. Kisembo Thomson says:

    Would like to learn more about energy production using wind

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