How Windmills work (Video)

This is an interesting video on windmills. This vide demonstrates the traditional horizontal axis windmill, the Savonius windmill type and the flatter jet type. There are problems associated with each type of these windmills.

Horizontal axis wind turbines for an example need to face the wind current to produce the maximum amount of output. So for good results you will have to change the directions of the blades so that they face wind at the optimal angle. Generally you will have to mount the gear box with the windmill blades. Gear boxes are heavy. Lifting them on to tall towers and maintaining them can be a problem. On the other hand Savonius Wind Turbines needs very high speed winds to create good amounts of electricity. But unlike the horizontal types, you may leave your gear box near to the ground. So it is easy to create the wind turbine and easy to maintain.

Have a look at the video below, I really like the neat look of the model windmills. Please leave your comments to this post.

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  1. haider says:

    the wind power is my search and i need any help

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