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Sunforce 44447 900W Whisper Wind Turbine (39% discount)

September 15th, 2010 | admin

Sunforce 44447 900W Whisper Wind Turbine is high end wind turbine which can power a small size home. Built with cast aluminum, makes Sunforce 44447 a lighter for its size. It only weighs around 75 pounds, which is very good for a turbine of this size. On the other hand aluminum makes it more resistive to the weather conditions making this turbine more durable. Installing this wind turbine is easier as installing the blades and mounting it on the tower is straight forward.

Sunforce 44447 900W Whisper Wind Turbine(Image Credits addition, this turbine comes with a regulator unit, which is very important for the operation of the system. Regulator will just cut off the power supplies when the batteries are fully charged and will avoid malfunctioning or possible explosion in the case of overheating.

You will have to buy the tower and the batteries separately. Sunforce 44455 Wind Generator 30′ Tower Kit
can be used as the mounting tower. You can use recycle batteries to store power, or you can buy new ones if you desire. Always follow the guides provided for more information.

Once installed, it will run smoothly, without any trouble for years. It doesn’t make virtually any sound, which is another huge plus point. Overall, user experience is very good when it comes to turbine both in installing and in operation. When installed, this turbine will pay for itself in no time at all. Payback period is accelerated with the good 39% discount offered (when we write this article).

Few additional tips before you buy your wind turbine.

Check your wind speeds. Yes wind maps will help. But make sure you get the required amount of winds to use your wind turbine. You can use an Anemometer for this purpose. You will have to get readings for a while before you make your decision.

Check regulations with your local authorities. There may be local regulations preventing you from building a tower over a certain height. There may be other regulations which might come in your way. It is good to clear all these before you buy your wind turbine.

Make sure you are aware of the government programs to promote renewable energy. You may be eligible for tax savings and rebates.

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