The Air Car, Ultimate Solution ??

There is a hype these days about the all new (Not really) the Air Car. A car runs on compressed air. This can do about 300Km on a full tank (Of compressed air). Only output is the air (Non compressed). This car basically converts the energy stored in the compressed air to the movements of the pistons and hence drives the car forward.

Last year, I thought Aptera Motor’s super-efficient space age car was something to look forward to. But despite all the media attention and the promising designs and even after offering to take pre-orders, they closed. So I have no option but to be cautious when thinking about this new car too.

When it comes to compressed air vehicles, it is not the first time we see this. There had been many earlier attempts to make a car which runs on compressed air. But none of them really did succeed. How Tata’s concept will do, is yet to be seen.

From a pure mechanical engineering point of view, I am not sure how efficient compressed air is as an energy carrier or energy storage medium. In addition I am not very optimistic about the capabilities of efficient energy conversion.

But despite all my concerns, Tata Motor’s claims seem to be very attractive. I wish this works out and gives a better solution for the mankind. But we will have to remember shifting pollution from the roads to some other place will not solve the issue. So the technology has to be really green in the bigger picture.

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6 Responses to “The Air Car, Ultimate Solution ??”

  1. Aman says:

    MDI ‘s most long range vehicle can only run for 200 Kms. as of now!I think,no body wants to refill the car so early in long drives,although it takes only a minute to refill compressed air!In this case,Tesla Model S wins:480 Kms. Pure electric driving range::: might be a world record for electric vehicle: a sedan with all European crash safety standards with strong structural body!With safety system like 8 airbags,traction control , ABS and strong structure!

    Let the purchase cost of tesla Model S come down and then it’s very economical to run and most practical!Model S takes only 45 minutes to recharge completely with special charging system!

  2. Aman says:

    And there’s one more thing that may come to excite everyone:::I am inventing an engine that runs on gravity as fuel!

    Please visit,

  3. Luc Rolland says:

    In France and Luxembourg, some companies have been selling compressed air cars. Compressed air has been used in the industry to power many the air motors on many machines in a large number of applications. This is cheap and relatively efficient and no chance of explosion.

  4. CHUCK ADAMSON says:

    The only way that would work is to have a free or surplus energy to compress air. For example live in Western Kansas or Wyoming and compress air using wind. Or have a stream on your property to compress air. Surplus electricity would work if was truly surplus. There is a 25% or so energy loss in the compression process so paying for electricity wont work.

  5. Ramendra Tripathi says:

    Very happy to see renewable energy

  6. John Bentley says:

    This looks to me like the same system upon which a steam engine works. One can run a steam engine on compressed air. The difference between the steam engine and the internal combustion engine is in the valve arrangements.

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