Do you know William Kamkwamba, from Malawi?

Do you know William Kamkwamba, a 19 year old from Malawi? NO?? Well, I didn’t know him before I saw the amazing and inspiring TED video. You can watch it below too. But before that, let me give some information.

William is from a rural village, of Malawi, with little to live with. He was living in a small house, without the basic needs, including electricity. So when he was just 14, he comes through some information about windmills, and he comes to know how windmills can be used to produce electricity. So he creates one, one just produce 2.5 Watts. No I am not mistaken, it is not 2.5 Kilowatts, it is just 2.5 watts. If you live in a developed country, you may wonder what a mere 2.5Watts of electricity can do. But William could light his house with 4 bulbs and he powered 2 radios. No, these are not fancy lamps, nor the radios are state-of-the-art. But it would be just enough for William and his family.

I found this story amazingly inspiring. We have the potential of generating energy on our own. Every one of us does. Think about it, Williams did not have the access to the fancy tools like the internet nor he had the access to the high end raw materials. Nor he had step by step guides like greenDIYenergy Guide which are freely available to you and me. But he did his bit. With all the resources you have you may help yourself too. You can help yourself by building a renewable energy system yourself. You will help our environment. If a 14 year old can, do you think you can’t? Start building your renewable energy system. It is not hard, nor is it expensive. You can build few hundred watts of power without much trouble. Even you can make few kilowatts. You can not only power your home, you can sell the extra electricity to the main grid and save more money too.

Have a look at the video below. Leave your comments too.

7 Responses to “Do you know William Kamkwamba, from Malawi?”

  1. Akshay Saxena says:

    Can you suggest a solar concentrator expert who can proof check the patent pending concept on very high concentration ratio design?

  2. william is great person i hope all people in rural or urban areas do like he done despite there is universities but still no action between the local society and these universities to make workshops for actual utilization of renewable energy sources, so we need international support through organizations to support unique people who have ability and couragement to invent and design the machines utilize clean, friend to environment ,and less emissions of green gases that effect on ozone.

  3. Gabriel Manzanilla Naim says:

    Dear Ted: I am an architect, with so good ideas, living in a poor country. Your amazing work show the world how much possible is to live in armony with nature , showing intuition, hope and guts as well.

    Take my words as your new friend.

    Arq. Gabriel Manzanilla Naim

  4. Gabriel Manzanilla Naim says:

    Where is writen Ted means Will….thanks

  5. yuwardi says:

    This is really inspiring, in Indonesia we have also people like him using hydropower in rural areas to produce electricity.. thank you for this great video

  6. Deanyar says:

    If a bunch of guys like William can get their act together, it wont be long before the World will kiss oil ‘GOODBYE’.

  7. deepak pathak says:

    Dear Ted you are doing such a great job that i cannot explain it in words.

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