A must watch video

I came accross this video accidently. This is one of the best videos I have ever watched. Watch it. I am sure your 5 minutes will really worth it.

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  1. Aman says:

    I am speechless,

    But I may say this:
    Non Perpectual gravity fueled or magnetic fueled zero emission engines already exist!Please support us inventors!Accept the reality!We scientists are not fooling you!please don’t suppress such inventions any more!Hey petroleum industry,go out of our way!For your childrens please!

  2. Bogdan says:

    Thank you, Energy.Beta.Com

  3. foad haidari gandoman says:

    hi i love this website

  4. Aman says:

    Just wanted to share this,Please share the below very very important article with as many people as possible:

    A real gravity /magnetic engine is not a Perpectual motion machine!I am myself inventing a non -Perpectual gravity engine!People think falsely that gravity and magnetic engines are impossible but it is not true!They are mostly mislead by cheaters claiming to invent Perpectual machines or claiming to invent such engine that are Perpectual for us!These cheaters and non intelluctual conventional minded people have made our scientists life miserable.Very little people believe in us real scientists because of the psycological thinking that gravity / magnetic engines are Perpectual!It seems these people including most professors have stopped thinking the reality and are only bookish.Though complex,the most simplest principle/way to make use of gravity is impulsive energy when a heavy ball falls over a light weight object(Example : basket ball net) in between.I am inventing my own gravity engine based on this impulsive energy concept using proper force distribution and gravitaitional amplification,inspired from nature and flywheels 
    Reminding once again:My engine is not Perpectual!   
    Don’t be dump:Spread awareness about real gravity engines which are not Perpectual!Ask people never get mislead by cheaters claiming to invent Perpectual motion machines!Let me tell you that there might be only 20 real gravity/magnetic engines inventors,all others are cheaters!   
    I am not posting spam,those cheaters are posting spams!   
    The internet community should explain the reality to other people!Dont simply tell people that fuel less engines exist:Unless you explain them that these engines are not Perpectual and you can use impulsive energy concept intelligently,no one will believe in us!And try to spread my message to atleast 20 famous websites each of you!Be aware of spams and cheaters like this:  
    and tell people that they are been mislead by such spams!Encourage only real authentic inventors like me!And I wil like to know whether most of you really know what is meant by a”Perpectual motion machine”.Please understand the concepts of physics!   
    My Non Perpectual engine does not violate any laws of thermaodynamics!Since its not a Perpectual machine! 
    If you all will do what I say,the day is not far when your children will see IC engines in museums,and will never go to any fuel filling station!But we only need your effort in right direction,not just some statements which don’t explain the reality!A magnetic engine is also possible.Photons compress atomic particles to store compressed energy in them as nuclear energy,but it’s not easy to make such engines.It requires a highly intellectual brain!

    Analogous Principle of working of my Non Perpectual gravity engine:

    This is “Gravity-Piston Impulse Kinetic Power Technology”. 
    Let’s assume that,you spent energy to take object up,and regain supplied energy when object comes down PLUS gravitational amplification occurs when that object (Lets take example of basket ball)hits a basket ball net with small hole at bottom.When the basket ball hits the net,the net sets in vibration due to IMPULSIVE energy(gravitational amplification) .Assume that the net is piezo electric elastic material which converts impulsive energy to electrical energy!The basket ball net  is analogous to 4 flywheels I used in my original engine design.(I use pusher rods to transmit energy to flywheels in my original design).
    Instead of heavy ball,I use heavy pistons and special force distribution technique,not disclosed here.
    I can’t disclose the whole concept to general public because I am applying for patent:There are ready diagrams relating to my idea,but i fear some one could copy.Hence,I am explaining my invention through an analogous Example!
    My engine design is inspired from nature,hence there are no chances of failure of my Non Perpectual gravity engine.

    So what’s acording to me  is gravity amplification : Additional gravitational energy stored in a descending body when gravity acts on it!

    This leads to Impulsive energy transfer!

  5. Aman says:

    I also want to talk of most best available transport solution!We want your help to bring down investment cost of Tesla Model S.
    The tesla model S premium electric sedan Impresses allmost every one who heard of its mileage!The Model S has a range of allmost 480 Kms. on one single charge and that’s allmost sufficient!It takes only 45 minutes to charge it full with special charging system.Its the car which people want,a true car of 21st century!No other electric car did till now 480 Kms. Per charge!Tesla has created history!

    “Model S is a remarkably important car. This car shows that it can be done and it will be done.”
    -Chris Paine | Director, Who Killed the Electric Car

    It takes much much less cost to run an electric car per km.And tesla model s car is heavy and Strong!Safe,with 8 airbags,all modern safety systemms like ABS,8Airbags,Traction control,ESP!Its not like the fancy electric cars like REVA which can’t pass safety norms/standards neither can run more than 80 Kms. For a 3 hour charging time!

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