Small Idea which has great potential

Sometimes a small idea can go a long way. For an example, imagine if you do not have to do all the work to put up a large wind turbine which will produce you 300W or so. Most people give up the idea of putting up a wind turbine in their places due to the groundwork it requires, specially the installation. If you can see the results for yourselves in few minutes would you rather consider going for wind electricity?

Needless to say, when the wind turbine is small, it will cost much less than a big turbine. Also you will save on installation costs and maintenance. You will require less space. If you need more power, simply you can more of these small wind turbines to your very own personal grid. Isn’t this simple.

Pacific Sky Power has come up with a simple solution for this requirement. It will allow you to enjoy the power of wind without huge capital investment and without much of installations. It costs only a fraction of the cost of a regular wind turbine. I found this extremely a neat idea.