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This free eBook provides you with great information on Renewable Energy, its history and Technicalities. The Renewable Energy Guide is a great guide for anyone interested in Renewable Energy. This eBook is 64 pages long. The Renewable Energy Guide covers the different sources of renewable energy from solar to wind, to geothermal energy to ocean energy to hydro power and biomass. This also covers the pros and cons of each renewable source. In Addition this eBook covers the political and environments aspects of renewable energy. There is lot more. Just download and see for yourself. Nothing to loose. It is completely Free.

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2 Responses to “The Renewable Energy Guide (Free Download)”

  1. I can not down load the renewable energy guide regarding the wind turbines, please assist me in this matter, thank you very, much. Horatio Plaza Ponte Sosa.

  2. Chuba Ngassa says:

    I am finding it hard to download.Maybe the book is no longer available

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